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Without a doubt, quality assurance is one of the most important and essential process in the development of a product.

However, with an increasing number of competitors, quick changes in market trends, and more visible customer feedbacks, it is important that product developers are able to keep up with the pace when rolling out their products, at the same time maintaining good quality in each and every release.

Using automated confirmation methods through machine vision, image verification, keyword-driven technologies, and more innovation, we can help you optimize your test speed and coverage. Leverage our test automation solutions, make complex verification easy.


The rapid growth of Big Data presents opportunities for businesses to discover new insights, if these data can be analyzed. As more and more companies acknowledge the need to analyze data, they also realize that a comprehensive data analysis requires intelligent and accurate, yet flexible Data Analytics Solutions that suit their business needs.

AWS Analytics Solutions differ from the other existing solutions in that it offers a base platform that is flexible and easily customizable to suit different business domains.

Following the CRISP-DM process of analyzing the business first to identify potential sources of data, our solutions achieve a more accurate data modeling outcome that will address your business needs. Catering to multiple data sources and their corresponding combinations, there is no doubt that our solutions will be able provide accurate data models that will further lead to actionable insights beneficial to your organization. Talk to us and discover how enterprise data, SNS Data (public data), and even machine data (IoT) can bring your business to greater heights with the help of AWS Analytics Solutions.

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Technology has come a long way, with solutions for various problems continuously being rolled out in the market, something that we see in the area of AI Assistants.

However, this situation both limits and overwhelms the consumers. Going through the long list of available technologies, finding the one that exactly fits your needs, and eventually discovering limitations once you have utilized them may be frustrating, not to mention costly, to business owners.

With the Cloud Application Development Platform for AI Assistant, we can bring all the technologies you need to build your AI assistant in one platform. We improve usage of these existing technologies by helping you optimize and customize according to your requirements.

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