"Global economic development impacts our day-to-day life. Technology is sweeping away traditional ways of doing business. Every industry now is pressed to evolve to remain competitive, as the world becomes more connected, smaller, and borderless. Enterprises have only one choice to make – to grow or to cease to be.

In a world of challenging global changes, trust and stability are vital.
Advanced World Systems / Advanced World Solutions is a company you can trust, the same way that multinationals in Japan, U.S.A, China, and other parts of Asia have, over the last 25 years.

From our humble beginnings as an offshore R&D (Research and Development) arm of a joint-venture company of IBM Japan and Toshiba TEC in the early 90s, AWS has since expanded its service offerings and geographical reach, delivering IT excellence to clients around the world. Our success lies in consistent quality delivery in several areas such as software development, business applications, and firmware development.

Leveraging our strength in technology, we set our eyes on expanding our business offerings in the BPO services area, utilizing with our main delivery center in the Philippines, a country where service-orientation is natural and English is a common language. At the core of our service delivery are hundreds of young, certified, highly-technical Filipino engineers, bi-lingual (English and Japanese) and adept at world-class development.

“Global IT Excellence” is the basic principle upon which AWS is built. It will continue to be as AWS undertakes two important initiatives – to continue to expand globally with focus on the US and other English speaking-markets, and to create new business lines in the areas of Healthcare, Finance, Mobile, and Testing.

We envision AWS to be the strategic R&D partner of global organizations specific to the needs of the industries they lead. AWS can be your own ASEAN Hub as you expand to service the world.

Go GLOBAL, because there is no other way."

Akira Konishi
President and CEO