Global Business
Services and Solutions


Big Data Analytics

We have data analysts ready to meet your needs for marketing analytics, in-process anomaly identification, market impediment / complaint analysis, geospatial analysis, among others.


Machine Learning / AI

Technology has come a long way, with solutions for various problems continuously being rolled out in the market, something that we see in the area of AI Assistants.


AIoT / Edge IoT GPU Computing

We support the development of products that make use of nVidia GPU computing technology with focus on the Intelligent Video Analytics (IVA) section of Jetson.


Embedded Software & Application Development

Since our inception, we have actively pursued product development across numerous industries. By adapting quickly to the product development cycle of the customer, we aim to ensure quality and reduce delivery times.


Global Business Expansion Support

We support to secure human resources, provide technology, and research global market trends, including system development and customization for target markets.